Apologetics Press: Articles, audio lectures, documents, e-books, and FAQs defending Christianity. Site also features a store and seminar schedules.

Audio Bible: Listen and read the King James Audio Bible Online for free. Help spread the Word.

Christian Courier : The Christian Courier is a journal dedicated to the study of religious doctrine, Christian evidences, and Biblical ethics. It is associated with the churches of Christ.

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Gospel Broadcasting Network: Online, On the Airways, On your Mobile Phone–GBN has sound, biblical programs airing all day long. The Truth and nothing but the Truth…24/7!

House to House, Heart to Heart: Check out the latest information from our evangelism partner, “House to House, Heart to Heart”. Request to be added to our mailing list by calling us at 229-382-2737.

VIDEO: Searching for Truth: Are You Searching for the Truth? Are you searching for something? Does it feel as if your life has no direction? Do you want to know what the Bible says about the truth? Watch this series on your computer, in the privacy of your home and find answers to these questions. You can even download them for viewing offline: Download Searching For Truth Videos Free

World Video Bible School: The World Video Bible School is your home for non-denominational Bible study materials on video, audio, CD-ROM, DVD and the printed page.

WSOJ: is an online Gospel Radio Station with thousands of audio lessons available for listening on demand.